Isadora Chai

Chef and Restaurateur

About Isadora Chai

Isadora's desire to feed the world led her to the F&B world. This fiery chef who isn’t afraid to speak her mind is now in charge of a number of establishments: dishing up French cuisine in Bistro à Table and diversifying her repertoire with modern Malaysian fare at Antara Restaurant. While introducing fine dining Malaysian cuisine is seen as a difficult task, as diners are used to eating local food at street prices, Isadora is confident of changing perceptions through Antara.

The Restaurants

Bistro à Table

Started as a humble hole in the wall in 2011, Bistro à Table is now regarded as one of the best restaurants in Malaysia by CNN Travel and Malaysia Tatler.Offering creative and daring dishes to its patrons from our intimate establishment in Petaling Jaya. Our multi award-winning establishment is small and personal, affording us the creative and gastronomic luxury to change our ever-evolving menu.

Antara Restaurant

Established in 2016, Antara Restaurant is the antithesis of its sister restaurant Bistro à Table, serving luxe mbutodern Malaysian food with French influences. Strictly MSG-free, Antara’s cuisine is a culmination of fiercely guarded family recipes and soul food. With no short cuts and superior ingredients.

Contact Us

Bistro à Table

6 Jalan 17/54 46400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, MALAYSIA
Ph: +60 3793 12831

Antara Restaurant

No 2 Lorong Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Ph: +60320788881